I grew up as a half-blood, a child from different races. An outdated therm that has often been used to identify me as person. As a child I was surrounded with 2 great-grandmothers, 2 grandfathers, 3 grandmothers and uncountable aunts and uncles, only from my Javanese side of the family. My work is an attempt to bring the disappearing traditions, values and spirituality back into my own reality. The camera functions as an exploration tool, in search of the nostalgic feeling of: Gotong Royong*.

* Gotong = carrying a burden using one’s shoulder, Royong = together or communally.

My work has been exhibited at various spaces including Stedelijk Museum, Nederlands Fotomuseum and Concordia. Recently my work has been published in Trigger Fomude Volkskrant & Tijdschrift Article.

- Sebastian Iksan Koudijzer

sebkoudijzer@me.com / +316 40 98 05 04


2021 - 2016    BA Photography, Royal Academy of Art (KABK), The Hague
2019    Internship at Kevin Osepa


now on show:
until 8 dec, 2023    Verhalenhuis Belvédère, Rotterdam  

2023    When Things Are Beings - Amsterdam, Stedelijk Museum
2022    Future of Nature - Wageningen University & Research
2022    Videokunst in de etalage - Enschede, Concordia
2022    LIBI invites: - Rotterdam, Theater Zuidplein
2022    Does Something Intrigue You? - Den Haag, Royal Academy of Art | KABK
2021    TR Citizens - DEWI - Rotterdam, Theater Rotterdam
2021    Graduation Show - Den Haag, Royal Academy of Art | KABK
2021    Treshold Space - Rotterdam, Nederlands Fotomuseum
2020    De Artiest als Canvas - Amsterdam, Weesperstraat 31 (solo)
2020    FRESH: Aan de Overkant - Rotterdam, Maaspodium
2019    A Series of Contradictions - Den Haag, De Helena
2018    Playground - Novi Sad (RS)


2023    Trigger #5 Energy
2023    Onze verzwegen geschiedenis zit geworteld in de Rotterdamse eetcultuur - VersBeton
2023    Futures Annual Publication
2022    Een ‘vervloekt’ ei in het museum: er waait een spirituele wind door de kunst. Waar komt die vandaan? - De Volkskrant
2022    Rite de Passage - Tijdschrift Article
2021    WXTCHCRAFT: YOUR NAME IS MEDICINE OVER MY KIN - (tr)ancestral wisdoms and earth crafting
2020    Door de ogen van - Nederlands Fotomuseum


2023    Misschien is het maar een fase, QLUB, Theaterfestival Boulevard, Den Bosch
2023    FUTURES nomination by Fotodok
2022    Momentum Expansion - Roots & Routes Residency, Cologne, Germany
2021    Future of Nature Grant, MIAP Foundation
2021    MuseumStuk - Open Rotterdam, Grandeloge x Wereldmuseum